Looking forward to 2018, Prism Prize picks our five favourite international artists now

Paul, Luc & Martin


Paul, Luc & Martin is a newly formed trio of directors, with impeccable artistic direction and stunning creative impact.
Paul Van Haver, singer, songwriter and performer better known as Stromae, and Luc Junior Tam, his artistic director, launched the creative independent label Mosaert in Brussels in 2009. Animated by the desire to move more concretely towards realization, Paul and Luc decided to associate themselves with Martin Scali. Director and photographer, collaborator of Wes Anderson for more than 10 years, notably 2nd Team director of The Grand Budapest Hotel. Two videos, one for Major Lazer and one for Yael Naim, are posted below.

Taz Tron Delix


London based Taz Tron Delix is a director that cemented his status as "one to watch" over the last year. Promo News calls his work "mind-bending, multi-layered mixed-media collages are a rich tapestry of sometimes-dark, often-dreamlike imagery that really manages to stick in the dark recesses of your mind." Check out his videos for Cartae and JD. Reid below.


Matilda Finn


For as long as she can remember, music has always been a synesthetic experience for Matilda Finn. Her ability to see images when hearing a beat or melody is evident in the dreamlike work she produces. Finn draws on her experience in fashion photography to create evocative cinematic worlds. Some Matilda's videos for Bicep and Obongjayar below.

Oscar Hudson


London-based Oscar Hudson tries hard making good films and in 2016, the UKMVAs acknowledged this and declared him "best new director." The following year, they kindly decided to upgrade him to "best director."  Oscar's short narrative films and documentaries have screened at the BFI London Film Festival, Camerimage, Rotterdam IFF and Hamburg ISFF.  His videos for Bonobo and Young Thug are below. 


A.V. Rockwell


A.V. Rockwell is an award-winning screenwriter and director from Queens, New York. Acknowledged as a “rising indie filmmaker” by Entertainment Weekly, her work which includes the short film collection Open City Mixtape, has been celebrated for its brutal yet poetically humanized depictions of urban life. The distinctive voice that dominates her work slyly addresses issues of race, family, identity, and systematic oppression. Below is Rockwell's music-driven short film The Gospel, which was commissioned by singer/songwriter Alicia Keys.