We asked some of our favourite people what their top videos of 2016 were.  See the results below

a l l i e

Drawing from the diversity of her early life growing up in the heart of downtown Toronto, a l l i e has gradually created a world all her own through an idiosyncratic approach to songwriting.  Inspired by the vintage sounds of classic soul crooners like Otis Redding and Etta James, and equally infatuated with experimental modern artists like Flying Lotus and Little Dragon, she began to craft a sound that evokes feelings of both past and future. 


Brittany Lucas

Brittany Lucas is a Canadian photography and video artist from Toronto, Ontario. Influenced by such photographers as William Eggleston and Stephon Shore, her work focuses on uprooting the cinematic elements of the everyday. Brittany has exhibited works across Canada and in various publications, including Le Gallery, The Banff Centre, The Globe and Mail, Spin Magazine and Vice. 


Dean Tzenos

Dean Tzenos is a visual artist and lead member of Toronto electronic-industrial group Odonis Odonis. His vocal style is delivered with a foreboding intensity and punctuated with a dystopian French new-wave visual component for the latest record Post Plague.



Ft. Langley is the pseudonym for filmmaking duo OPD Brooks and William Wilkinson. They make sometimes-nice-but-mostly-stupid music videos and commercials in Victoria, BC.


Justin Broadbent

Justin Broadbent is an accomplished, Toronto-based, multi-disciplinary artist. His portfolio includes works in video performance, poems, funny ideas, illustration, design, music video direction and installation.


Kid. Studio

Creative house based in Toronto providing direction, design and film work. "Inspired by our youth, influenced by our city."


Martin C. Pariseau

Martin's vérité approach allows the viewer to grasp what it might actually feel like to spend months on a solo tour, or have heaps of cash but not enough hours in the day to spend it. He follows no set recipe, yet his deeply-rooted desire to make everyone feel comfortable with the concept behind each and every project is what has been constant throughout his work.


New Fries

Toronto’s New Fries are a four piece band that make frenetic, manic and persistent music. Often recalling the angularness of The Slits, DNA and the pop urgency of The Sugarcubes, New Fries is the sound of cohesive chaos and the sound of your new favourite band.



PlusTen is a monthly music video series produced by Sean Cartwright and Kristina Boka that aims to showcase the most innovative and creative work by Canadian video directors.




Director RT! has emerged as one of Canadas most eclectic storytellers since debuting on the music video filmmaking scene a decade ago. Currently working out of Toronto as a television series director, RT! continues to follow his passion for storytelling with a strong dedication to creating & developing filmmaking properties from diverse cultural perspectives.


Sammy Rawal

Sammy Rawal is a Canadian director and photographer currently based in Toronto. His work has been exhibited internationally and has garnered attention for his use of bold colour, choreography and hyper-stylized approach. 



Tasseomancy is the musical project of sisters Sari and Romy Lightman. Influenced by the likes of Robbie Basho, Broadcast, Mary Margaret O'hara, and Alice Coltrane's Turiya Sings, the band has developed a unique sound that combines the lyrical and vocal traditions of folk music with the experimental attitudes of psychedelia, new wave, and new age music.


Trayne Adjei

Trayne Adjei is a Ghanaian-Canadian filmmaker from Mississauga, Ontario. Directing also under the name Abstrakte, which is a collective with filmmaker TogbeGavua and cinematographer Godfred Adjei, Trayne has accumulated a couple MMVA nominations and film festival awards. Working back and forth between Ghana and Canada Trayne is currently developing a few narrative feature films to express the Ghanaian-Canadian experience on an international scale.