RT: "Hiro is a master in the making. I’m always completely absorbed by anything he does. When he teamed with Michael Kiwanuka who is one of my favourite artists it was a no brainer I’d love it but then I saw the video and was floored. I've probably watched this video more than anything this year."

RT: "Perfectly captures the restless, and ultimately useless anger of our times."

RT: "Perfect follow up to Close your eyes as we all turned to watch the US political sink hole."

RT: "There are a few of these underwater videos from the directors of this floating around but since you asked for music videos this is the only one they did and it’s stunning like all of their work. All in camera in the open ocean, no CGI no water tanks"

RT: "Miles can do no wrong. Intuitive, heartfelt, beautiful."


RT: "Melina did her fucking thing with this one. How can this not be on a best of list. You MUST feel this."

RT: "I’m a sucker for dance videos. Sia does them well."

RT: "Raw, powerful, real."