Introducing the New 2018 Prism Prize Statue

Prism Prize has unveiled a brand new statue design for 2018. The original artwork was created by Toronto artist Kal Mansur who is known for his dynamic and large scale glass acrylic sculptures. 

Mansur's work is characterized by acrylic pieces of varying colours and thicknesses contained within a diffused acrylic case. 

The Prism Prize team was first introduced to Mansur by Kid. Studio's Vince Tran. After the 2017 Prism Prize show, the two teams began discussing a new design. 

"Kal's designs are stunning works of art made right here in Toronto. When I first saw the prototype, I knew we had the nicest statue in the game" said Prism Prize Founder Louis Calabro.  "No two statues will be exactly the same, and we are really excited about that."

The 2018 statue, as well as Mansur's other work, is unique in its use of diffusion and concealment as compositional elements. The sculptures emanate light, which becomes apparent when one focuses on the edges that cast shifting, hued shadows. 

Each statue will have its own unique cut, and will reflect a prismatic light. A dominant feature of the new statue will be the tuning-fork image, cut into the glass, and set with colourful dyes. 

The new statue will be presented to winners in all categories on Sunday, May 13 at the Prism Prize screening and awards presentation at TIFF Bell Lightbox.