The Prism Prize is a national, juried award established to recognize the artistry of the modern music video in Canada.

A jury of 90+ Canadian music and film industry professionals - including members of the print/web media, broadcasting, film, radio, and video art communities - has been selected to nominate the 10 best videos of the year to comprise our shortlist. These jurors are then charged with the task of crowning one video as the winner of the annual Prism Prize, which carries with it a substantial cash reward.

The Prism Prize is awarded based on artistic merit. Jurors are asked to consider the following criteria when selecting the best video of the year: Originality, Creativity, Style, Innovation and Effective Execution.

There is no public entry process for the Prism Prize. The jury make their selections from videos they have seen in their day-to-day work activities, in addition to suggestions provided by Prism Prize staff. If you have made or are aware of a great video released in 2013, please feel free to send a link to suggestions@prismprize.com

Note that this does not guarantee that your video will appear at prismprize.com. Additionally, please note that the videos collected in the '2013 Videos' section are included at the discretion of our staff and should not be considered a long-list nomination.

Click here to read the announcement of the inaugural Prism Prize from 2012.