CHRISTINE MCAVOY Who are you? Christine McAvoy. Tall, curly hair, camera…I’m easy to spot.

What do you do? Career Highlights? For my job, I’m a freelance photographer in Vancouver, BC (, by night/day/weekend I am’s Indie Music Editor, and the rest of the time I’m a huge Canadian music fan/nerd. Highlights? Well, CBC Radio 3 named me their Fan Of The Year in the 2012 Bucky Awards, that was pretty awesome. I just do what I can for the amazing, talented and creative people of this wonderful country, many of which I’m lucky to call my friends.

What makes a good video? What stood out about your picks? Well, creativity…plain and simple. Show me something I haven’t seen before. And make sure that the story your telling actually has something to do with the song itself, either conceptually or literally. I don’t just want to watch another video of a band performing the song, I can see that at the concert. If you’re going to make a video, put some effort into it!