DAVE ULLRICH Who are you? Dave Ullrich, founder of - the little digital music store that is the source for the best independent digital music in Canada. Also I was one half of The Inbreds, a mid-90’s rock duo that started in Kingston, Ontario.

What do you do? Career Highlights? I run the online store along with a small team from across the country. We sell digital albums in MP3 and lossless FLAC format for your audio enjoyment! We’ve been at it since 2004 and we have greatly appreciated the support from all sides of this country (and around the world). A few music career highlights playing with The Inbreds would be playing in Thunderbird Stadium in Vancouver, rocording in London at Pete Townshend’s studio and getting some legitimate props from Dave Grohl!

What makes a good video? What stood out about your picks? A good video to me starts with a very simple concept that is executed with clean/original shots and usually a dash of luck!