Jud Haynes

JUD HAYNES Graphic Artist, Promoter

JUD HAYNES Who are you? Jud Haynes; or judhaynes.com if you’re a computer.

What do you do? Career Highlights? Currently I’m full time as a graphic artist. I mainly design albums and tour poster campaigns. I’ve created album artwork for Sarah Harmer, Great Lake Swimmers, Bahamas, Wintersleep, Kathleen Edwards, and Joel Plaskett among others. My poster art has been used by The Wolfe Island Music Festival, Bahamas, Polaris Music Prize and Arts & Crafts. I have played music as a job in the past as well, but the bass only comes out now for fun.

What makes a good video? What stood out about your picks? I’ve been involved in video shoots in the past, as well as been in a bunch… For me a great video is one that is visually interesting and pulls the viewer in, without distracting from the song. Often times I see great videos that are so involved your head gets caught up in the visuals and you aren’t paying attention to the song at all. My picks for this years Prism Prize were all videos that I thought complimented the song very well. There may have been others that had better effects, or film quality, or bigger budgets… but my top picks all seemed to be the best visual matches to their songs. Great job everyone!