BRUCE LEPERRE Who are you? I am Bruce Leperre

What do you do? Career highlights? I am the Director of Programming and Music at 730 CKDM in Dauphin, Manitoba. I also host a weekly alt country/roots show on CKDM. I write CD reviews and the odd entertainment piece/review for the Winnipeg Free Press. I wrote a monthly column for Ottawa based Country Music News since the early 90s until the paper’s sad demise in 2012. I book shows at the Watson Art Centre in Dauphin and do what I can to assist independent artists of all genres with their music careers. I do the mobile deejay thing too and I sit on many a jury including the Prism Prize. Career highlights include winning the Manitoba Country Music Association’s Radio Personality of the Year the last 2 times they had an award show and in 2005 I won both the Canadian Country Music Association’s Music Director of the Year (Secondary Market) and On Air Personality of the Year (Secondary Market) awards after years and years of nominations.

What makes a good video? What stood out about your picks? A good video is one that is able to grab my attention. After watching early MTV and early Much Music (when they played music videos) one thinks they’ve seen it all but there seems to be more and more creativity as artists and directors are stepping up to the challenge of “standing out”. In my picks I was impressed with things like unique animation, storylines (some looked like mini movies), how the visual and the music worked together as opposed to being at odds and there was one that was even interactive!