CAM LINDSAY Who are you? Cam Lindsay

What do you do? I am the researcher for MuchMusic, and assist in programming The Wedge & RapCity. I also write for Exclaim!, and have contributed to Noisey, FFWD Weekly, The Grid and Metro.

Career Highlights? There have been lots, but being flown to Norway to cover Øyafestivalen and see My Bloody Valentine was pretty special.

What makes a good video? Something unique, humorous and can keep my wander attention span for three to five minutes. Not an easy job.

What stood out about your picks? The Yacht Club video is just hilarious. I wish it was extended into a film. Grimes has a distinct style that really goes far beyond the music. I love everything she does. Young Rival just went for something bizarre yet visually stunning. The music is actually secondary, but you’re too busy watching dude’s face that it doesn’t even matter. And Rich Aucoin somehow managed to summarize Brian Wilson’s tragic life in the span of only four minutes. That alone deserves some kind of award.