RAE ANN FERA TIFF Packaged Goods

RAE ANN FERA Who are you? Rae Ann Fera, Curator of TIFF Packaged Goods; writer, Fast Company Co.Create.

What do you do? Career highlights? I am a journalist and content curator. I’ve been covering the craft of short form filmmaking for 12 years, first as editor of Boards Magazine, an international trade publication focused on commercial and music video production, and currently as a writer with Co.Create. I also curate TIFF’s bimonthly screening series Packaged Goods, which highlights excellence in music videos, ads and short films.

What makes a good video? What stood out about your picks? Technique at the service of story. Story doesn’t necessarily have to be a robust narrative - it can set a scene or create a mood - but I want to see piece that tells me about the band/artist, elevates the song and shows some serious filmmaking skills in whatever the chosen style. Too often music videos are flimsy one-trick technique ponies. I want the craft of a video to excite but not overwhelm or distract.

ANGIE DRISCOLL HotDocs, TUFF, Aspen Shortsfest

ANGIE DRISCOLL Who are you? I am a rabid short film lover, music video enthusiast, champion of Canadian cinema and defender of underdogs!

What do you do? Career Highlights? I have the best job in the world! I am a film programmer for Hot Docs Canadian International Documentary Festival and the Toronto Urban Film Festival. I have worked for TIFF, Sundance and the CFC Worldwide Short Film Festival (RIP) selecting films and consider meeting Keanu Reeves (my hero!) and then making an ass of myself a definite career highlight.

What makes a good video? What stood out about your picks? A great music video is one that sticks in your head, and becomes part of your memory… forever. There’s nothing better than losing yourself in a series of innovative, novel, and mad images set to music. A video that makes me think and dream beyond the beat is what I’m after. I was not let down by this year’s batch of videos, so much creativity and variety! My stand-outs are successful videos that enhance the music, but are also awesome short films, they mix mood and narrative, comedy and messy abstraction effortlessly.