JONATHAN BUNCE Images Festival, Wavelength

JONATHAN BUNCE Who are you? I’m Jonathan Bunce, but my friends call me Jonny Dovercourt.

What do you do? Career Highlights? I’m an arts presenter, writer and musician. Started out as a musician, played in lots of bands, from A Tuesday Weld to Republic of Safety, currently one half of Hybrid Moments. Then worked as a writer & editor at Eye Weekly long before it became The Grid. Started the Wavelength music series and zine in ‘99/2000, later worked for The Music Gallery as publicist, eventually becoming artistic director and main concert programmer (2006-11). Currently on staff at the Images Festival, writing for MusicWorks Magazine and acting as Founding Director of Wavelength as we enter our 14th year of programming, presenting two annual festivals and launching our new Artist Incubator program!

What makes a good video? What stood out about your picks? I think a good video has one solid concept, that conveys either a key idea or emotion related to the song. Most music videos are a random rotation of 3 or 4 shots that could really accompany any audio, and are pretty forgettable as much. Both of Kid Koala’s videos are based around using a single static shot to capture a frenzied, imaginative display of hands-on creativity. That beats high-budget effects, costumes or sets any day. A good video also makes smart use of humour - that’s the case with Koala as well as both Doldrums and Grimes. I laughed out loud when the “Catmobile” showed up to rescue Airick in “She is the Wave”, and did the same pretty much throughout the entirety of “Oblivion.” Evening Hymns’ video contains just plain beautiful, imaginative imagery, while the TeenAnger video is just plain badass.